To Remain Nameless


My novel To Remain Nameless will be out May 1, 2020, published  by Rescue Press:

By ten o’clock they were sitting in an alleyway off Istiklal, with dozens of empty plates in front of them, the last remnants of sardines and liver, of garlic-boiled seagrasses and pistachio halva, smoking Rothmans from the Stockholm airport and drinking rakı without water. Laura now pulled out her chair and got up. Tess watched her climb on top of the table, squat there with her shoes between the empty plates. Laura bunched up her skirt, pressed her palms down on her knees, and pissed. She pissed out all the forms and reports and information requests and extensions and follow-up grant proposals and ROAs and tax documents that had ever passed through her fingers, so it all poured from the tabletop onto the concrete alley off Istiklal, seeped into the sewer and ran down to the Bosporus and then the Marmara and the Mediterranean, dissolving into the soup the dolphins leapt through at the Gates of Hercules, then reached over to plant a big muscled kiss on each of the pliant mouths of these visitors from the West.

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