Havana Red Sulphur, part 2

Mirror havana

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I headed out to the Melia Cohiba Hotel to investigate the 16th Annual International Conference on Islamic Philosophy and Mysticism.

I jumped out at a broad residential corner and saw a stone and glass tower from the 1990s rise from the end the block toward the sea. As I headed toward it I found myself behind a pale but tanned man with feathered gray hair and the measured stroll of wealth. I was not surprised when he strolled right up to the entrance to the hotel and into the lobby. I followed him inside, then stopped to look around. Any sign of the World Association of Science, Economics, and Technology? I saw a sign for a showing by an Italian designer, but the lobby was largely unoccupied. According to the conference schedule, the afternoon session opened with Aleksander Nawrat of the Silesian University. He was giving a talk about Multimedia Firearms Training Systems. Then Ramiro Camacho of the University of Itajubá would discuss the design of an axial-flow fan based on “lift wing theory and the potential vortex hypothesis.”

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